Blockchain technology has come a long way since inception, thanks to its boundless use cases. Even Satoshi Nakamoto didn’t foresee that a decade down the lane, new blockchain dApps may spread messages to a wider audience. Good thing is, Highlander Network did! Right off the back of its premiere PoS project on the Ethereum classic network (ONEX), Highlander Network has dialed it up a notch; this time, on a different chain entirely. TomoShout is a crispy new project based on Tomochain network that allows users type messages which would be ranked on a leaderboard. The goal of TomoShout is to help people reach a wider audience as it scales higher with more users. 

Keen to get started with TomoShout? 

Let’s have a run through the basics! TomoShout basically allows users to type messages with a maximum of 32 characters. These messages are placed on a leaderboard after payment in Tomo. Although there are no payment thresholds, messages backed by higher amounts of tokens usually rank higher that those with lower amounts. Hence, messages are placed on the leaderboard according to the amount paid by the sender. Users can also make subsequent payments to improve the ranking of existing messages. A simple analogy can be drawn from the leaderboard in the image below.

TomoShout Example

Let’s refer to the user whose message ranks third as user X. User X paid 0.5Tomo to have his message displayed on the leaderboard. If he wants to rank higher, he can pay more Tomo token from the same wallet which the first payment of 0.5Tomo was made. An additional payment of 2.5Tomo will bring the balance to 3Tomo. As a result, user X’s message will place first on the leaderboard.

Conclusion: Want to leave a message for humanity? Get a Tomochain wallet, write and share on TomoShout!

Topic Contracts

  • TomoProjects: 0x47a84659e2e6e15a2Dba5A9aE66911795F867B93
  • TomodApps: 0x18F67223A13455812d3638afB77C1824d629395C
  • TomoRelayers: 0xCCD044f3F67Af4879c9506C40706003A6DDBfA60
  • TomoTokens: 0xF4732D5c09856cfC84D763B787C99aABC93a0B6d
  • FreeSpeech: 0x65aE9f572A40B05E5f63A80956C6CF07e965f0a7
  • ShortQuotes: 0x01a63F58D13D2b1d2CD998d50DcEa32f628dcf3a

Our Plans? 

  • Launch TomoShout Space Website
  • Depends of success of TomoShout?